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Jose Carreras "La dolcissima effigie" Adriana Lecouvreur

Oneguin65 Published: 11 years ago

Franco Corelli "La dolcissima effige" Adriana Lecouvreur

Addiobelpassato Published: 5 years ago

Luciano Pavarotti la dolcissima effigie sorridente

анатолий красильников Published: 2 years ago

Jonas Kaufmann - La dolcissima effigie

operalover9001 Published: 8 years ago

Giorgio Berrugi - CILEA La dolcissima effigie (Adriana Lecouvreur)

Rosenblatt Recitals Published: 4 years ago

Carlo Bergonzi - La dolcissima effigie (Studio recording)

GermanOperaSinger Published: 10 years ago

Franco Corelli "La dolcissima effige" - Live at the Met 1963

racheleleeba Published: 5 years ago

Live Carreras Adriana "La dolcissima effige"

operADB Published: 11 years ago

Rolando Villazon- Adriana Lecouvrer (Act I Romanza) - "La dolcissima effigie"

Minimorum1 Published: 7 years ago

Adriana Lecouvreur (Cilea), extrait n°1: "La dolcissima effigie"

Listen To Jonas Kaufmann Published: 4 years ago
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