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Ardian Bujupi & Dalool - Na jena njo (Official Video HD)

ArkivaShqip Published: 2 years ago

Elita Ziberi - Na jena njo (Cover from Ardian Bujupi & Dalool )

ArkivaShqip Published: 2 years ago

Top Music Awards 2016, Ardian Bujupi, Dj Dalool - Top Channel Albania

Top Channel Albania Published: 2 years ago

Ardian Bujupi & Dalool NA JENA NJO (Avaxus & Dalool ZhurmaVMA mix) - ZHURMA VIDEO MUSIC AWARDS 12

Zhurma Video Music Awards Published: 2 years ago

NaJenaNjo Remzije & Nexhat Osmani

NataJone Published: a year ago

Ardian Bujupi & Dalool - E embel (Official Video HD)

ArkivaShqip Published: 2 years ago

Ardian Bujupi - Na jena njo (R3nato Remix) [Twerk Music] Lexy Panterra 2017

Genvis Mu├ža Published: a year ago

Dalool ft. Ardian Bujupi - Te Du Krejt (Official Video 4K)

ArkivaShqip Published: 9 months ago

Noizy ft Sekondari - Na Jena OTR ( Official Video )

thisisnoizy Published: 6 years ago

Enca ft. Noizy - Bow Down (Official Video HD)

Enca Haxhia Published: 2 years ago
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