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Nigar Muharrem- Qal sene qurban (Eziz dostum)

Nigar Muharrem Published: 8 months ago

Cinare Melikzade Qal sene Qurban ( Original version) YENI 2017

Nur studio Published: a year ago

Nezaket Teymurova - Qal Sene Qurban

Arzu Tehmezova Published: 7 years ago

Qal Sene Qurban Nezaket Teymurova

UGUR GER Published: 9 years ago

Elnare Abdullayeva Qal sene qurban

Azerbaijan - Land of Fire Published: 2 years ago

Cinare Melikzade / Sadiq Haji - Qal Sene Qurban (Akustik 2016)

Sadiq Haji Published: a year ago

Karat - Qal Sənə Qurban #Klip

Karat Published: 3 years ago

Öykü Gürman - Kal Sene Kurban (Rüya Bitti)

Pasaj Müzik Published: 2 years ago

Mensum Ibrahimov - Qal sene qurban(By NuriKo)

TBT MaJes7ic.! Published: 2 years ago

Elnare Abdullayeva Qal Sene Qurban Mugam Canli Ifa Saratov

Elnare Abdullayeva Official Published: 9 months ago
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