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Jay Chou 周杰倫【七里香 Qi-Li-Xiang】-Official Music Video

杰威爾音樂 JVR Music Published: 5 years ago

Jay Chou - Qi Li Xiang (Chinese & Pinyin)

Adilah Azlan Published: 4 years ago

Qi Li Xiang(Common Orange Jasmine) girl version

4116mari Published: 6 years ago

Qi Li Xiang (LIVE) - Jay Chou

Kevin Liu Published: 10 years ago

British guy singing Mandarin Song [Qi Li Xiang]

mizzclubber Published: 8 years ago

Jay Chou - Qi Li Xiang Piano by Ray Mak

Ray Mak Published: 6 years ago

Qi li xiang versi girl.♥♥

ahin aini Published: 4 years ago

Marty Friedman Playing QiLiXiang

caiknife Published: 10 years ago

Jay Chou - Qi-Li-Xiang (Common Jasmin Orange) (Audio)

Pinyin Learner Published: a year ago

[HQ] 周杰倫 - 七里香 / Jay Chou - Common Jasmin Orange (勁歌金曲 Live '04)

duckjai852 Published: 5 years ago
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