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Deadlock Tokarev tt 33 - Gun Restoration

This time i have restored super rusty tokarev tt 33 gun restoration, this pistol was very rusty and deadlock and was not easy to restore but i did hard work for this impressive restoration, I use modern techniques for this gun restoration , Now im going to shortly explain about those operation which i done. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Electrolysis Rust Removal I used electrolysis tank, 4 iron roads , DC power supply [ Standard Battery charger ] , Sodium bicarbonate, and distilled water for electrolysis rust removal. first i put water in tanks then add 2 tea pones of sodium bicarbonate . i adjust current and voltage at V=12 , A=1. Gun Bluing Gun Bluing is very important part of this video because gun part bluing is necessary to get rid corrosion. there are different method of gun bluing but i choose hot black oxide, this hot black oxide process is difficult but durable the cold bluing, i used anodic metal clear for black oxide gun. Mirror Polish Mirror Polish a gun is very easy, I used white compound , cotton wheel, abrasive wheel, steel wire wheel and bench grinder for mirror polishing pistol barrel and body and result is front of you. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Deadlock Tokarev tt 33 - Gun Restoration #Restoration #GunRestoration #GunBluing ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe Here For More Restoration Videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_qVuF8EMVOv594CSiMMzLw?view_as=subscriber ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you like this video may you like my other restoration videos 140 years old wrench perfect restoration https://youtu.be/DZ1-Rzs_vC8 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimer This Channel does not support any criminal activity this video only for education purpose

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